USSF B License Course: an Unfolding Experience

So, made the trip to IMG Academy in Bradenton for the ongoing USSF “B” License course — one of the first under the revamped system.

Thoughts? A myriad, really.

  • Diversity is everything. Not too many young bucks (when compared to the C course), and way more professional coaches. Guys with national team caps, college coaches, club DOCs and more. These are folks that it is impossible not to learn from, and the discourse has been fantastic.
  • Engaging material… for the most part. There is only so much you can make the theory of coaching soccer sexy, but it feels like US Soccer really, really refined the process. For the better. Peer review and self-reflection work well.
  • IMG Academy is almost perfect for these advanced courses. Those beds though…
  • Stretching out the course (three meetings over half a year) does not make the course less intensive, at least not at the onset.
  • Not having to play is a double-edged sword. We are not exhausted or near death, but most of ¬†us were hoping for that. I know I was hoping to play more.
  • The enhanced use of technology is positive. The DCC is a massive step in the right direction. Next? Maybe real-time collaborative tools.
  • These are some of the funniest folks I have met in a long time: “I didn’t pay $x, 000 dollars for that!
  • Again, it is a humbling course. Some of these cats are seriously accomplished. Forget the instructors — did that guy say 1978? — the candidates are impressive, including at least one guy I have watched on TV between the pipes for LA Galaxy and Jamaica.
  • I miss my family.

More to come!

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